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our mission

To serve the Law Enforcement community by providing solutions to individuals transitioning from Service to Civilian.

Meet the founder

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"John Saporsky was mind blowing. He is an intentional thinker, intelligent and strategic. John’s organization, Law Enforcement Connect (LEC) will be the next big thing. John’s mission is to create a platform where police officers can turn to during a transition... John will absolutely enlighten and make you think about your future." 

- The Breaking Badge Show


The concept for Law Enforcement Connect began in 2016 as the passion project of former police officer, John Saporsky, during his own struggle transitioning from Service to Civilian.


John quickly realized how few resources there were specifically for Law Enforcement Professionals in career transition and began diligently searching for answers and solutions. He began researching and interviewing hundreds of former LEO’s, military veterans, business professionals, PhD researchers, and psychologists, to identify the ideal approach for transitioning Law Enforcement Professionals. As a result, John realized that like military veterans, law enforcement professionals have unique opportunities and challenges they must navigate in order to create an optimal end result and rewarding future career.


Ultimately, John launched Law Enforcement Connect LLC in March of 2021 with a vision to share lessons learned; coach, mentor, & train; and create a network for members of the law enforcement community surrounding the transition journey.


John has successfully served clients across the USA and Canada.

Board of Advisors

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